More than 10 years of development and accumulation of experience, the product accepted by many world's top enterprise for many difference
application. ASK’s products are widely used in various fields, such as automotive, telecommunications,
computing and storage, industrial and instrumentation and so on.

Product application

ASK drive by never ending innovation mindset, with each successful project is beginning of greater new challenge. As pioneer of impossible,
we are creator of possibility, because of our dedication, our focus we believe everything is possible.
Over the years ASK and its partners have growth together by establish of an extensive sales network and strong relations of cooperation. With spirit of innovation mindset to delivery high-quality products and caring services to all ASK partners.

Delivery commitment

All-round fast logistics support
We have a strong and highly flexible manufacturing service system to meet customer care from the quick turn, prototype manufacturing and
mass production of a variety of flexible and fast delivery, based on our strong logistics facilities and more than 10 worldwide
local service offices, to provide flexible, efficient, high-quality product delivery services.
  • High quality
  • Fine service
  • low costing
  • On-time delivery


ASK commitment to deliver product on time with zero defect
To pursuit perfection in product quality ASK maintain standardize control procedures and regular inspection in our production processes.
ASK maintain regular interaction with suppliers and customers for update industry standard and technology;
and, through regular internal and external audit to elimination deficiency.
  • 96%Product pass rate of more than 96%
  • 0.02%Customer complaint rate of less than 0.02%
  • 95%On-time delivery rate of higher than 95%
  • 98%Customer satisfaction rate is higher than 98%
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